Assembly accessories and materials


Beside roof and wall sheets we are also offering self-drilling screws for wood and metal, gaskets and glue for metal sheet, roof foil, roof vents, etc...

Self-drilling screws


We are direct importers of the renowned European manufacturer Info-GLOBAL.

Screws are made of specail steel, which is galvanized and plastic coated. They have the special EPDM washer and are resistant to mechanical damage, corrosion and UV rays.

Standardized screw dimension for wood studs are 4,8 x 35 mm. All screws are in RAL colors as well as our sheets.

Roof foil


Roof foils can be single-layered or triple-leyered. Foils are vapor-permeable, waterproof and resistant to heat and UV radiation. Folis are delivered in rolls (width 150cm, lenght 50 m), rolls can be cut in lenght according to customres requirements.

They are used in buildings with attics, where roof frames are covered with laths or OSB plates.

The advatages of roof foil are easy installation, increased mechanical properties ( foil is strengthened with PP net) and lognlife.

Sheet gaskets


We are able to deliver systems for sealing the entire roof.

Gaskets are highly resistant to enivornmental conditions, aging process and they don`t absorb water. They fulfill all requirements in terms of norms for this type of products.

Gaskets enable ventilation of inner side of roof.

Polyurethane adhesives – sealants


Construction metal sheets are these days manufactured in longer leghts and that caused problem of joining these big elements together because of expansion and cracking of material.

Quality solution for these problem is polyurethane adhesives – sealants which have broad range of applications and are ideal for joining galvanized and also painted metal sheets.

The resulting joint is flexible, doesn`t crack at high and low temperatures, can be mechanical processed or painted and it is resistant to enivornmental conditions.

Spreys for paint damages


When installing painted metal sheet or cutting finished profile there is a good possibility of damaging paint. To prevent corrosion and repair aesthetic appearance we are using fast drying corrector sprays.

Sprays are available in doses of 400 ml and in colors of sheets.

Roof vents

cesalj_za_strehu To ensure optimal conditions for the roof it is necessary for the roof to have a good ventilation. Openings which are needed for ventialtion are often entry for unwanted inhabitants (birds, rodent, etc.) or for rain and snow. Solution for these problems are roof vents with protective nets or rodes which prevents entry of rain, snow and birds.
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Screws availibility

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