Self-fitting corrugated sheets

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Self-fitting sheet is product which has appliaction on roof and wall surfaces. Besides great looks that remind on classic corrugated sheets, due the lightweight of plates, fair price and fast installation, self-fitting sheet is product for which market is showing more and more interest.

Useable widith of each panel is 475 mm and the lenght is made by customers wishes.

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In European countries self-fitting sheet has a long tradition where it showed a great advantage compered to traditional corrugated sheets and it has eliminated all disadvantages that existed.

Between other advantages that self-fitting sheet has especially must be pointed out the method of installing. Sheet is attached to base with corresponding connecting equipment (splinter screws, self-drilling screws, plugs – depending on tipe of base surface) and next sheet is placed so that it covers the screw that holds the previous sheet. In that way is gotten a joint which have a possibility of dilatation, that is waterproof and can bear small roof pitches – from 3-4 grades.

   Details of joints on sel-fitting sheets.

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