SUPREME - metal sheet in a shape of tile

Supreme – tile panels are high quality cover plates which with their esthetic look give to roof traditional shape, while roof is modern and has high quality.

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security channel drains water to gutter

Experts consider metal sheet as excellent choice for roofing buildings whether it comes to a small prefab garages, warehouses, private homes, weekend cottages or large residential and commercial buildings.

They are made of steel sheet which is galvanized first and then protected with polyester paint. The cover does not require any maintenance and its lifespan is more than 50 years. Because smooth surface does not absorb, on the SUPREME plates dust is not retained and moss and algae are not growing as they will on classic roofs. Metal sheet is designed to resist wind and rain.

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Available colors of metal sheets - TABLE

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Available colors of metal sheets

3009 5010 6028 8504 8519 9002 9006 RAL-7016 jet-black 9006
RAL 3009 RAL 5010 RAL 6028 RAL 8004 RAL 8019 RAL 9002 RAL 9006 RAL 7016 RAL 9005 RAL 0000
bordo crvena plava zelena boja opeke tamno smeđa bijela srebrna antracit-siva crna pocinčani lim