SLH - Self-supporting arched halls


How to build quality structure in just few days?

s-model-lucna-hala-barancek preklop_lukova-lucne_hale

Metal wear Baranček launched their own production of Self – supporting arched halls which are producing in USA and Canada for years. SLH are characterized by quick construction where expensive machinery, like crans, or specailly trained workforce are not needed.

With our expert help, You are able to raise an object of 200-300 m2 or more for only few days. This fast construction is possible becasue of elements that are made of special steel sheets. Steel sheets are made on production lines which form steel in elements in shape of arc.

All halls are made of standardized elements that determine their height and width.

Material used for making self-supporting arched halls is special steel sheet with increased hardness and thoughness and which is also protected with a special alloy of aluminum and zinc – ALUZINC. That protection allows him multiple resistance to corrosion compared to standard galvanized sheets.

Construction of the hall

Construction of steel sheet hall is very simple and we can split it in few simple stages:

1. Making a foundation

Foundation is classical reinforced concrete strip foundation which has a chanel through the entire lenght in which are laid sheet profiles – arches.

betonski-temlje-lucna-limena-hala-barancek temelj-limenene-profilirane-hale-1

Concrete foundations of Self-supporting arched hall

2. Preparation – connecting arcs

According to the design that comes with elements of arched hall, arches are prepared on way that they connect and place side by side on the concrete foundations.

spajanje-elemenata-hale-u-luk spajanje-elemenata-lucne-hale

Connecting elements into arc

3. Raising hall – arches

Once all elements are connected in arches, we raise them and put them inside the foundations. After first arch is raised it is reinforced and secured with supporters and then we connect a second arch and fasten the overlap with screws through holes drilled in the factory. The procedure is repeated until the last element is connected.

uspravljaenj-lukova-samonosive-lucne-hale-1 uspravljanje_elemenata-lucne_haleRaising the arches

4. Installation of front side, doors and windows

After all arches are raised and connected, frontal sides are closed and doors and windows are installed according to client`s wishes.

ugradnja-ceonih-strana-montazne-hale-barancek ugradnja_prozora_i_vrata-lucne_hale_Barancek Installation of frontal side and windows.

As we recently launched our own manufacture of Self – supporting arched halls, pictures that we use on our website are taken from the Internet and are used only to gain insight into the purpose and shape of assembly halls. All halls that are on the pictures can be manufactured by Metal wear Baranček in Lipovljani.

Cijena SLH

250,00 kn po kvadratu tlocrtne površine hale

SLH can be used for:

  1. garages
  2. small commercial buildings
  3. production halls and warehouses
  4. agricultural facilities (stables, barns, hangars…)

SLH models

Limarija Baranček proizvodi 7 osnovnih tipova A-modela i 6 osnovnih tipova S-modela Samonosivih Lučnih Hala (popularno zvane AMERIČKE HALE) koje se mogu razlikovati po širini i visini. Navedene dimenzije su za osnovne modele.
U ponudi su i P-model koji se koristi kod izrade nadstrešnica i K-model (krovni model) koji svoju primjenu nalazi umjesto krovne konstrukcije dok ujedno ima i funkciju pokrovnog lima.
Međusobnom kombinacijom drugih elemenata može se dodatno povećati visina hala dok je širina kao iz slijedeće tabele:

Modeli lučnih hala i dimenzije tablica
model radimo do 12,50 m raspona
S model radimo do 18,5 m raspona
P model radimo do 8,0 m raspona
K model radimo do 12,0 m raspona
A model
Model S
S model
Model P
P model
Model K
K model



Advantages of SL Halls

- brza izgradnja
- nepotrebna teška mehanizacija
- velika otpornost na koroziju
- NAJPOVOLJNIJA CIJENA - tvornička cijena
- veliki izbor gotovih modela


Upotreba lučnih hala za garaže  Upotreba lučnih hala za garaže  Upotreba lučnih hala za garaže  metal-building-garage-metal-building-a-model  Upotreba lučnih hala za garaže  Upotreba lučnih hala za garaže


Upotreba lučnih hala za male privredne objekte  Upotreba lučnih hala za male privredne objekte  Upotreba lučnih hala za male privredne objekte  Upotreba lučnih hala za male privredne objekte  Upotreba lučnih hala za male privredne objekte  Upotreba lučnih hala za male privredne objekte


Upotreba lučnih hala  Upotreba lučnih hala  Upotreba lučnih hala  Upotreba lučnih hala


Upotreba lučnih hala za objekte pri poljoprivredi  8  Upotreba lučnih hala za objekte pri poljoprivredi  Upotreba lučnih hala za objekte pri poljoprivredi  Upotreba lučnih hala za objekte pri poljoprivredi  Upotreba lučnih hala za objekte pri poljoprivredi