Profiled trapezoidal sheets

Detail from our manufacture of PROFILED TRAPEZOIDAL SHEETS.

Profiled trapezoidal sheets are excellent choice for roofing all types of buildings such as small prefab garages, warehouses, weekend cottages, private homes or large residential and commercial buildings. Main characteristic of profiled trapezoidal roofing plate are good load endurance, very simple installation and long lifetime.

Manufacture of profiled trapezoidal sheets is carried out on automated production lines which define sheet through the rollers, that increases the quality of finished products, and a line usually serves only one employee.

Beside big productivity that this method of manufacture has all possible errors has been eliminated too, and finished trapezoidal sheets are much better and have all technical characteristics that could not be achieved in conventional way by rolling.

We are also able to produce a variety of metal profiles according to your drawings or samples in lengths up to 8 meters.

We can offer You following profiles:

  • Trapezoidal sheet Tr 2 – parapet sheet
  • Trapezoidal sheet Tr 25
  • Trapezoidal sheet Tr 40 Strong
  • Trapezoidal sheet Tr 45
  • Self-fitting folded sheet – KLICK SYSTEM
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