Roofing sheets with FELT


How does condensat form?

If outdoor temperature is lower than in room , then temperature of uninsulated metal sheet panel is also lower than room temperature. When hot air from room comes in contact with metal sheet plate, hot air is starting to cool down and that is whay relative humidity by the panel is increased and if the dew point is reached it comes to phenomenon of condensation. If there is a large amount of condensate, drops will appear and they will start to drip from the plates.

Damages caused by the condesation are multiple:

  • insulating ability of roof is reduced
  • it comes to the damaging of roof because roof structure has rusten or rottened
  • stored materials and goods can be damaged
  • working conditions in rooms are aggravated


WEBdripstop_condensationSheets are during profiling applied with HDF Felt that prevents condensation and dripping. Felt is self-adhesive membrane which depending on the slope of roof surface and weight of felt himself can absorb up to 900 gr/m2 of water. When outside temperature rises it comes to reverse process of condensation – evaporation.

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