Construction metal sheet


Manufacture of construction metal sheet is based on manufacture of basic elements such as:

  • Gutters and pipes
  • Fascia sheets and laths
  • Gutter hooks
  • Metal sheet accessories
    • Roof guard
    • Leader heads
    • Gutter angles
    • Gutter elbows
    • Gutter end caps
    • Step flashings, coatings and caps for chimneys
  • Electrostatic powder coating of metals

Our roofing sheets are standardized in measures that meet most of the custommers needs. We are also able to manufacture many different types of metal sheet elements according to Yours orders or design in maximum lenght up to 8 meters.

In our production we also have, besides classic gutters and pipes, an american gutter – gutter which is in Croatia known as „Baroque groove“. With its unquestionable functionality to the expression also comes its special aesthetic appearance.

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