Assembly instructions


For roof installation isn`t enough to have a good profiled sheets but You also need Assembly accessories and expendable supplies. To avoid all problems that are possible during installation of roof or during roof rapair works all work must be done according to professional standards.

On the next pages we will do our best to make Your construction of roof and roof repair works easier. Therefore, we are kindly offering You some advices and instructions to make your work easier and faster.

Proper storage of profiled steel sheets
Proper transposition of profiled steel sheets


Important note

When installing and tailoring roof sheets it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to use tools that spark (such as grinders)

In cases when the installation is done on an unauthorized way product GUARANTEE IS LOST.

Sheets must be cut with hand scissors, electric scissor or with special circulars.

If cutting is done on the roof when the work is done roof surface must be cleaned up from remains of sheet, drill shavings etc.

If during installation finishing paint is damaged it is necessary to repaint it with corrector spray in matching RAL color.

Assembly instructions


For smaller buildings ( family homes, weekend houses, small commercial buildings) the best surface for installation of roofing sheets are wooden laths. Commonly are used softwood laths. Softwood laths are used becasue they have reasonable price, good bearing capacity and they „absorb“ vibrations and noise made by rain drops.

There are two types of installation of roofing sheets, depending on the purpose of the space beneath the cover. We have classical roofs covered with profiled trapezoidal or SUPREME sheets and ventilated roofs covered with profiled sheets that have vapor-permeable foil or protective anti condensation felt.