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barancek-logo-100Company Baranček (family company in 100% private possession) was established in 1995., and is based on over many years of melatwear tradition.

Primary activity is processing galvanized and galvanized colored metal sheets, we are also manufacturing trapezoidal covering and wall metal sheets, sheets in form of tiles (SURPEME – tile panels) and complete range of sheet metal construction products.

The company is based in Lipovljani, peaceful place in Sisačko-moslavačka county, along the highway Zagreb-Lipovac halfway between Zagreb and Slavonski Brod.

We had based manufacture of sheet – metal goods on many years of successful experience in installation metal sheets in form of tiles, trapezoidal sheets and metal construction. Because of that our employees are in possibility not only to fulfill all Your requests, but also respond to all Your questions and dilemmas and help You with advice at this way we can together come to solution. With the aim of raising company`s reputation, but also the quality of our products we implemented ISO 9001:2000 quality management system in all segments of our company, which puts us among only few companies in our branch.

Having in mind that our customers beside quick service and competitive price want also quality products, we purchased the most modern machines, but also continually train and educate our employees because our goal is to fulfill every demand of our customers. In production we use imported materials of guaranteed quality which fulfill all standards and have all proper certifications.

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BARANČEK d.o.o. za usluge, proizvodnju i trgovinu
LIPOVLJANI 44322, Braće Radić 16 
Tf.-04/564-2 08.12.2004.
OIB:78881360797 MBS: 120002298
Temeljni kapital: 116.800,00 kn upl. u cijelosti
Osnivači/članovi društva: Tomislav Baranček, OIB: 79923184327 Lipovljani, Braće Radić 16 - jedini osnivač d.o.o.
Osobe ovlaštene za zastupanje: Tomislav Baranček, OIB: 79923184327 Lipovljani, Braće Radić 16 - direktor - zastupa društvo pojedinačno i samostalno
Predsjednik uprave: Tomislav Baranček

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Baranček d.o.o.
B. Radić 16, 44322 Lipovljani
T. 044 / 676 381
F. 044/ 676 380

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ANTOLIĆ d.o.o.
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