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Metal ware Baranček

Primary business of company Baranček d.o.o. is profiling metal sheets. Our basic materials are galvanized and galvanized colored metal sheets. We are manufacturing trapezoidal covering and facade metal sheets; we are also manufacturing metal sheets in a shape of tiles (Supreme - tile panel) and complete range of sheet metal construction products.


  • Metal ware Baranček is private family company based in Lipovljani where all production is made
  • We have our own designed workspace, and the production is done on high quality production lines
  • All metal sheets in our production are STRICTLY plastic coated – painted with POLYESTER and possess certificates
  • As a company we are socially sensitive to the economic situation in Croatia, and since the owners of company have many more years to retirement they are making an enormous effort to create a brand that will be recognizable in terms of quality, fair prices and quick delivery dates…
  • Our motto is “preferring dripping rather than leaking ...“ in other words – we are not greedy and we don`t expect a quick money overnight – these are reasons why we have a fair prices for quality goods
  • Additional security to our customers are the introduction of ISO quality system in our company by the CCE (Croatian chamber of economy) in 2009.

Yours metal wear Baranček


Kako uštedjeti na pokrovu


Baranček d.o.o.
B. Radić 16, 44322 Lipovljani
T. 044 / 676 381
F. 044/ 676 380

Poslovnica KRIŽEVCI
ANTOLIĆ d.o.o.
48260 Križevci
Tel/Fax: 048 / 716368

Poslovnica SISAK
Nikole Tesle 9d (stara Tanina)
T. 044/ 550-739

Poslovnica KUTINA
NV. Nazora 102
T. 044/ 664-111

Baranček Newsletter

Become our dealer


Baranček company has network of dealers and assemblers of its products all over Croatia.

If You need an assembler for you roof, please contact us and we will recommend You one of ours.

We are also looking for new assemblers and we offer them cooperation on matters of installation of our products.



Baranček company has since 2009. adjusted its operations according to ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.

Our workers, final buyers, assemblers and dealers deserve only the best that is why we will continue to work on quality and improvement of our products.

Since we use only high-quality metal sheets that possess certificates.